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Psychic Attack and Healing

By on April 10, 2017

I was doing a little bit of out of body journeying the night before last (Saturday, April 8th) when I got approached by a friend on the astral plane, for the sake of this article I’ll call my friend ‘Simon’. Simon has not really been having the easiest of times lately and as he approached I could see that he was quite obviously taken over by another snake like entity, his actions were extremely unlike him. This incident occurred while I was chatting to a black haired female spirit, who he began attempting to provoke. He got right up in her face calling her all of the names under the sun and began making loud hissing sounds toward her, which vibrated through both of our bodies. I was not happy with his demeanor at all and to protect the girl I began directing those same sounds back to him, only much louder. The vibrations and sounds were so intense that I felt a little spit drop from my mouth and as I wiped my face I noticed Simon scurrying away in fear. I apologised to the girl and checked to make sure she was okay, she told me not to worry about it and we began chatting again. Not long after Simon returned, only this time his anger was directed toward me, I guess he was angry at my response. He began attacking me with the same hissing sounds as before and was also using some form of magic which allowed him to manipulate the wind. I could feel my body vibrating and beginning to lose balance. I was close to being swept up by the strong winds surrounding me but I did not panic, instead I kept my feet firmly planted to the ground and once again directed his magic back toward him. Simon ended up getting caught up by the winds and couldn’t move from his spot. I knew he needed some serious spiritual clearing but what happened next even took me by surprise. As I approached him a shamanic rattle appeared in my right hand and I began rattling it around his body, when suddenly words started to flow from my mouth. I was chanting a language that I didn’t even recognise and in a tone much deeper than my own voice. The language felt more ancient than any other on earth and although I didn’t consciously understand a single word, I could get a feel for the intention behind it. I was calling on the negative entity to leave my friend Simon and when I was done for some reason I drew the sign of the cross on his forehead with the thumb of my left hand. Almost immediately afterward the winds disappeared and Simon fell straight to his knees in tears. I felt like whatever was trying to possess him had left.

The next morning I sent him a text message to see how he was doing. I didn’t mention too much about what had happened but told him that he had visited me in the astral for a healing. He didn’t recall the event as most people don’t really remember what takes place on the astral plane but he did tell me that I was the third person in two days that told him he had been visiting them, perhaps his spirit was calling out to someone for a little help? He thanked me for the healing and mentioned that he was feeling a positive shift in his energy this morning. What was also kinda cool was that at the exact moment I had sent him the text message he told me he was sitting listening to “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor. I felt like this experience was a real test of character and was certainly not an easy one but to be honest I’m delighted that he chose to come to me and that I could help in some way.