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“Who are you?”

By on December 19, 2017

This latest out of body experience occurred two nights ago; I found myself in a large building which resembled a shopping mall although it seemed more like a military facility due to the high number of military personnel walking around. The moment one officer spotted me he immediately alerted others and a chase ensued. In a matter of moments I was surrounded by at least a dozen officers all dressed in military uniform. “Where am I? and what have I gotten myself into?” As I stood there stuck to my spot I frantically looked around to see if there was any way I could escape. Seeing no way out, a thought came to mind “What if I could stop these officers from getting closer?” With that I instinctively began to vibrate my mouth making a loud buzzing sound. The sound was so intense that I could feel my whole body vibrate from the inside out. I directed this vibration out (approx. 50ft.) in all directions around me and to my relief all of the officers froze in their spots. As I hurried away I made my way further down the building. Soon afterwards I noticed a grey haired man in a black suit, black tie and a white shirt walk casually out of an office. When he noticed me, he greeted me with a warm smile and asked if everything was okay. He invited me into the office he had just come out of and as he didn’t seem too threatening I followed him. Once inside the room his demeanor suddenly began to change. I was immediately grabbed by another officer and held down to a chair. As I struggled to get out of the officers grip the grey haired man got in my face and began interrogating me, “Who are you? Where are you from?” he shouted. I didn’t open my mouth which was clearly making him angrier and angrier. He then reached for a small black device which looked like a t.v. remote. He held it over my forehead and it made a beeping sound. I knew it must have been some type of scanning device because I felt extremely violated as if the little handheld device was trying to read my soul. I struggled for a bit longer as I tried to bring my attention back to my physical body and get the hell out of there. I just hope I managed to make it away in time before he got the information he wanted.

Later on the same night I went back out of body and met up with my cousin Stephen again (who I talk about in the post entitled ‘That Night on the Farm‘) I hadn’t seen him in a while and he looked as good as ever as he sat chatting to me in a swivel chair. I also met up with a psychic from the other side who invited me to have a seat in a darkened room. The psychic took the appearance of a thin male and was wearing a hat that resembled a turban which had a glimmering gemstone in the middle. As I sat down in the chair he took the seat in front of me, the only thing that separated us was a table with some crystals. He turned his head away from me for a moment and took a deep breath. I had a strong feeling he was about to tell me something not so good and for that reason I chose not to listen and decided at that time it would be a better idea for me to bring my attention back to my physical body. Sometimes when you’re in the moment of such experiences fear can take over, thinking about it now I wish I had of been a little braver and stayed but it’s a lesson in itself. I will strongly consider visiting him again in the future.